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What we post on social media says a lot about who we are and what we represent. This is why companies will do a little snooping through your socials when trying to get an impression of you. They want to make sure that you will represent their brand in a way that aligns with their values and brand image. They also want to see how you conduct yourself online, and to make sure there aren’t any crazy controversial surprises. Here’s what you should do before you begin your job search. 


Begin Scanning & Updating Your Socials


Go through all your personal social media accounts and check to make sure that nothing on there is anything you wouldn’t want the company potentially seeing. If there is anything that you would rather not be seen, then either archive the posts or delete them altogether. Another option would be to private your account if you’re overall uncomfortable with the profile being seen. Although, it’s best to keep them public and try to create a positive image of yourself online. 


The next step is to check out your LinkedIn account to make sure your information is up to date. Make sure to add all of your prior jobs, your skill sets, and an updated bio. Also, make sure your profile picture is clear, high quality, and professional. No you can’t crop a pic of you from a party that you looked good at. Take the time for proper headshots. While you are cleansing and updating, keep in mind the types of companies you are applying for. This can impact the posts you take down or the skills you add to LinkedIn. 


What To Worry About & What Not To? 


When looking at the posts ask yourself how this contributes to your personal image and reputation. In addition, look at the captions you’ve created and the comments you’ve left. Do these represent you in a positive light? If there is anything you think would be seen as distasteful, it would be best to delete it. Posts discussing social issues and politics are totally fine and may leave a good impression. However, if your tone on these issues are discussed with aggression or in a condescending way rather than an educational way, then maybe you should rewrite it or get rid of it altogether. Also, pay attention to how you’ve been carrying yourself when speaking to other people online. 


As long as you don’t have anything that can be seen as highly controversial, offensive, or completely against their values then it shouldn’t be the determining factor for whether you’re hired or not. Pictures of you in a bikini or out at night drinking with friends shouldn’t cause an issue, and if it does then maybe that’s not a company you want to be working for anyway. All in all, you don’t need to hide your true personality from the internet, just be generally mindful of your online presence so you can make a good impression!




Author: Taylor Shamoon

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