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Arugula Beet Salad

Nothing “beets” a fresh salad and this vegan recipe is nothing short of mediterranean flavors and deliciousness. You can play around with the recipe and add as many veggies as you’d like. You could also add some feta if you’re down for some extra good fats and protein. There is no right or wrong way to make it, so get creative and add extra textures and colors to your salad. If you’re not a fan of arugula you could use any green for the base. UTMS alternative recommendations: Kale, spinach, mixed greens. 

[Serving size 4] 

7 Oz Organic Baby Arugula 

What you will need-

4 Small beets (sliced) 

4 Tbsp Pumpkin Seeds

2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds 

½ Cup Chopped Walnuts 

¼ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

3 Large Cloves of Garlic (crushed)

2 Lemons (Juiced)


  • + Start by washing your arugula and drying it. 
  • + Chopping your walnuts 
  • + Crushing your garlic
  • + Juicing your lemons
  • + Slice your beets into thin wedges.
  • + Juice two small lemons and add olive oil and crushed garlic. This will be your dressing. Add sea salt to taste. 
  • + Begin assembling your salad. 
  • + Arugula base, beets, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts. 
  • + Top with your 3 ingredient dressing. 
  • + Feta cheese or plant-based feta [optional.] 


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