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Beginners guide to healing crystals

Beginners guide to healing crystals


Crystals are incredibly unique and beautiful to look at. In fact, many people buy them for their beauty or as another prop for their coffee table. Though they do make for the perfect gift and definitely look stunning on your coffee table these incredible minerals have so much more power than just that. If you are interested in getting into crystals but you don’t feel like doing all the hard work we’ve collected 10 amazing healing crystals that will be perfect to begin your collection. 


Now what makes for the perfect beginners list of crystals? We took affordability, accessibility, beautiful and healing components into consideration while creating our list for you. And we put them in alphabetical order. 


One of our favorite tricks to buying crystals, whether it is on this list or not, is seeing what catches your attention. If you are drawn to a specific crystal and really feel like you “need” to have it, get it! We are all made up of energy and so is everything from mother earth.


1. Amethyst 

Magic: Transformation + Protection + Addiction- Release + Sleep Aid

Color: Shades of Lavender + Violet

Chakra: Crown

You have most likely heard of amethyst by now. It’s typically a crowd favorite, I mean it’s hard not to love the stunning purple hues. Reminding us to always treat the body and mind as a sacred temple, this crystal is powerful for cleansing both the body and mind. Keep this in your home or on your office desk. Amethyst offers protection, so you may want to keep it on your bedside table if you’re having bad dreams. It has a wide energy field, and It makes for an amazing gift!

2. Ametrine


Magic: Confidence + Intuition + Manifestation + Goals

Color: Mix of Violet + Orange 

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Crown

The “Cosmic love child of Amethyst and citrine, Ametrine is a stone for creativity, taking charge of your own life and staying true to your intuition. Helping you break away from social conformity as you manifest your wildest dreams. Ametrine = Follow your dreams. You’ll definitely want this one in your collection!

3. Apophyllite


Magic: Space Clearing + Energy Filter + 3RD Eye Awakening 

Color: Crystal clear + MInt Green

Chakra: 3rd Eye, Crown

Purifying Apophyllite is the “air purifier” of the crystal kingdom. Filtering large amounts of energy to keep vibrations fresh, sparkling clear, and extremely high vibrations. Place this in areas that get lots of traffic, living rooms, kitchens, work spaces. This is a great crystal for healing practitioners to keep in their waiting rooms! This beautiful crystal is great for meditation and enhancing your ability to be fair, balanced, and spiritually awake. This also makes for a great gift for a new home, marriage, or a new business


4. Black Tourmaline


Magic: Protection + Grounding + Recharging 

Color: Opaque jet- black

Chakra: Root 

Black Tourmaline = Crystal Bodyguard Extraordinaire. As an energy heavyweight this crystal is a must-have for its ability to keep you anchored in this physical reality. Keep one nearby for continuous grounding and recharging. You could also place one near your feet when you sleep whenever you feel untethered or unsafe. Think of this stone as a guard dog who is constantly protecting your personal boundaries and deflects negative energy. Place it near the entrance of your home, office, or living space to keep darkness out. You could also place a piece in your wallet or purse for protection. This should be one of the very first crystals you add to your collection to keep you grounded as you continue down your path.


5. Celestite


Magic: Calm + Intuition + Serendipity + Angelic Inspiration 

Color: Powdery Blue 

Chakra: Throat, Crown 

The sparkling blue celestite clusters connect you with personal guidance from the source. Celestite strengthens your trust and gut instincts, inspirations, and magical serendipity. Keep this on your bedside table, as this is one of the most soothing and peace-filled crystals.  Great for helping with anxiety and overthinking. (Great crystal for virgos to have.) Keep a cluster on your desk or on your coffee table to radiate calm serenity throughout your home or work space.


6. Citrine


Magic: Energy + Goal- setting + Abundance + Luck + Creativity 

Color: Bright Orange

Chakra: Solar Plexus 

Essentially the sun encapsulated in a crystal, citrine supercharges your solar plexus chakra to help you manifest your wildest dreams into reality. Whether you’re “Type A” or a “daydreamer” citrine meditations can help you achieve your goals and help you manifest your magic. This classic stone is known for prosperity and luck. Great for work spaces and keeping creative ideas flowing brightly and abundantly. Fun fact, most vibrant orange citrine is actually amethyst that has been heated at high temperatures which transform the purple into orange.

7. Clear Quartz


Magic: Transformation + Clarity + Healing 

Color: Crystal Clear 

Chakra: All 

You’ve likely heard of this classic crystal because it is a true classic! Clear Quartz lightens up, brightens up, and powers up our lives with its rainbow rays of magic. This is an essential crystal for everywhere and everyone. These crystals are master healers, energy transmitters, and connectors to higher consciousness. Clear Quartz amplifies the effects of all other crystals and can clear them of stagnant energy. This is an excellent choice for leveling up! Great for gifting and leaving basically everywhere.

8. Pyrite


Magic: Confidence + Luck + Abundance + Productivity + Creativity 

Color: Metallic Gold 

Chakra: Solar Plexus 

Great for supercharged creativity and productivity to help you get things done! A powerhouse of confidence, action and abundance. Keep a cluster near you and prepare for manifesting unstoppable abundance. Pyrite lights a fire in your belly to help burn through procrastination and self- doubt, giving you courage to share your gifts with the world. Meditate with pyrite to boost self-esteem, confidence and creative inspiration. Pyrite is best kept in spaces where you wish to feel active and inspired. So keep this in your workout space, purse or wallet, a cash register for manifesting abundance and $$. Also known as fool’s gold as it resembles gold and has tricked hunters into believing they found real gold. This also makes for a great gift of course.


9. Rainbow Fluorite


Magic: Focus + Productivity + Creativity + Anti- Inflammatory 

Color: Bands of Green, Purple, Blue, Whtie 

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Crown 

Medieval Alchemists referred to this stone as ‘Genius Stone’ because it helps with focus, clear- thinking and inspiration. As a ‘cooling crystal’ it helps decrease inflammation in both mind and body; soak in a bath with tumbled stones to reduce bodily pain, also great for getting over a cold. Carry around with you to stay calm and cool-headed in your everyday life. This is great for someone who needs extra assistance with concentration, disorganization, or struggles with hyperactivity. Keep this in your work or study space to assist with productivity and clear mental fog.

10. Rose Quartz


Magic: Love + Compassion + Kindness + Tenderness 

Color: Rosy Pink 

Chakra: Heart 

This classic love crystal is legendary for its ability to heal heartbreak, attract new love, and open hearts to new levels of forgiveness, compassion and love. Don’t underestimate this powerful crystal by its soft appearance, Rose Quartz is one of the most nurturing crystals in the crystal kingdom. From romantic love, to family, or self love, all forms of love are strengthened by this powerhouse. Try adding clusters to your bath and create a healing ritual. If you are feeling low, place your crystal on your chest and visualize a gentle pink light filling your heart and lifting the heaviness away. This is definitely essential for everyone’s crystal collection. In fact most people buy this one first, since it is easily accessible, affordable and very popular.


Bonus: These incredible crystals are also essential for your collection!

11. Selenite 


Magic: Cleansing + Clearing + Moon Magic 

Color: Clear to Opaque White 

Chakra: Crown, 3rd Eye

 Named after Selene, mythical goddess of the moon, Selenite is a no-fuss crystal famed for its powerful and wide-ranging cleansing abilities. This is the ultimate crystal for cleansing abilities. Try placing a piece of selenite above every door frame, beneath the passenger seat in your car, and especially any main entrances, for a quick energy rinse when someone enters your space. After coming home try waving around a piece of selenite around your body (including your back) to cleanse any bad energy that you may be carrying around. Keep this near your computers, tvs, and routers which is helpful for balancing disruptive electrical discharge. Selenite is also great for cleansing stagnant energy from other crystals. Lay your crystals on a piece of selenite for at least 4 hours to cleanse or clear them. Don’t forget to add this crystal to your new moon or full moon ritual for potent, high-vibe manifesting energy. You should get this as one of the first crystals for your collection, you can buy a bag full for a great price and scatter it around your house.

12. Spirit Quartz


Magic: Joy + Inspiration + Generosity + Community

Color: Shades of lavender, Yellow, White 

Chakra: Crown, 3rd Eye

 Crystallized Joy. Sweet and uplifting spirit quartz sends a powerful biration of joy out through every one of its many crystal points, creating sparkling energy fireworks within the entire space surrounding it. A crystal of transcendence, serving as a reminder to always radiate your magnificent energies outwards into the world, purifying any tendencies towards self-absorption. Helping you get unstuck from ego, it enhances your ability to be compassionate and generous. Spirit Quartz is very fitting for someone whose work includes channeling healing and transformative energy for others and an ideal crystal for healers, teachers, and creatives. Perfect for keeping in your pocket or bag, this uplifting crystal will help spread inspiration, healing and spark joy wherever it is kept.


Let us know which crystals you will be adding to your collection! Follow us along on instagram for updates on our latest posts. @utmsofficial 

All information on these crystals was shared from the amazing book ” Crystals The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing.” Purchase here. 

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