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If you’re looking to travel someplace new this October, here is a list of places to consider for some Halloween fun!

Disneyland – Anaheim, California

During October, you can enjoy a spookier version of Disney with fun Halloween treats and cute merchandise. The cast members will be dressed up and the Mickey pumpkin will be out! If you’re used to going in the summer, this will be the perfect chance to enjoy Disney in a new way with some cooler weather.

Six Flags Magic Mountain – Los Angeles, California

Check out the annual Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain that has six haunted mazes, eight scare zones, and three live shows. They also will be turning off the lights on some of their scariest rides.

Festival of the Dead & Witches Ball – Salem, Massachusetts

Who doesn’t want to visit the iconic city of Salem during this spooky month? This city was the epicenter of the witch trials and visiting will make you feel like you’re in the movie Hocus Pocus. Here you can go to the Salem Witch Museum and Witch Trials Memorial, take a candle-lit haunted tour of the city, check out the Psychic Fair & Witchcraft Market, and attend the Witches Ball!

e Haunted Trail & e Haunted Hotel – San Diego, California

In San Diego, you can check out The Haunted Trail in Balboa Park and The Haunted Hotel Disturbance in Mission Valley. In Balboa Park, they start you off going through the eXperiment Maze and then they take you through the Haunted Trail. In Mission Valley there are three haunted events including the Haunted Hotel, the Kill-Billy Chaos, and the 3-D Freak Fest.

Krewe of Boo! – New Orleans, Louisiana

The fun Krewe of Boo parade is the Halloween version of Mardi Gras and has a bunch of different spooky events going on. Also, it is said that New Orleans is one of America’s most haunted cities, so if you plan to travel here be sure to check out a haunted tour of the city!

AUTHOR: Taylor Shamoon

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