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Whether you’re looking for what to do this valentines day or looking for inspo for your next date we’ve got a variety of ideas lined up. Before you spend all of your time planning the perfect date make sure you know their love language. If you don’t know each other’s love language, this is a fun quiz to take together. Just remember that thought and effort is always appreciated so no matter what you decide to do for your partner make sure you put your heart into it.

Date night ideas 

  1. Recreate Your First Date-

This one is super romantic and shows that you put thought and effort into this date. It’s easy to pick up flowers or make a dinner reservation but the more attention to detail the better.  You could also go back to a spot that you share a good memory at, maybe one  that they may have forgotten about. 

  1. Movie night in- 

Pick up their favorite snacks and meal or make it for them at home. If you have a projector set up a cute picnic outdoors and enjoy your movie there. Or if you prefer to stay indoors set the mood with flowers and candles. Be sure to grab a soft blanket. You can re-watch the first movie you two watched together or one of their favorites. 

  1. Cooking class

If your partner enjoys cooking or has mentioned that they wanted to do a cooking class with you here is your reminder to do it. These could be super fun and different than the typical “date night ideas.” Sur la table hosts good cooking classes but you always google search for a specific type of class in your local city. This will also make for a good future date where you two remake what you learned how to make together. 

  1. At home spa date night kit

Spas can be hit or miss and aren’t very intimate. You could set up your own Spa night at home and set the mood with candles or essential oil diffusers. There are great products like this stone that are perfect for massages.  

  1. Go out for ice cream or froyo

If your date likes froyo and you like ice cream this is the time to take them to get froyo. While planning your date make sure you’re doing what you think they would enjoy… your time will come. Throw in the no phone game and you’ll have yourself an intimate movie-like ice cream date for the books. 

  1. Watch the sunset together

You could watch it from the beach in your car or set up a cute bonfire in the sand. Make sure to check the weather and bring everything. Come prepared with a  snack, something to sip on, extra blankets, and tell them to dress warm. Nothing ruins the vibe like leaving early cause you’re too cold. If the beach isn’t an option you could watch it on a mountain after a light hike. You could look up the best place to watch the sunset in your area. 

  1. Look up the best restaurant or cafe or ice cream shop in your town and be a tourist 

It’s easy to believe you know all of the good places around you if you have lived in the same place for a while, but check out yelp or look up the best restaurant, cafe or ice cream shop near you. Spend the day feeling like tourists in your town. 

  1. Karaoke night at home

If you’re not into singing in front of people or want ideas for a fun night in, this is the way to go. Set up a list of songs and add them to a playlist on youtube so you could have them on hand. Just search for whichever song you want and add karaoke to it and you’re more than likely going to find it. Load up the living room with snacks and drinks and plan what you’re going to use for your “mic.” Using your remote is completely fine but have some fun and get creative. 

  1. No cell phone walks 

Doing any regular date and adding no cell phones is the best way to keep you both from getting distracted. When you’re on a long walk and you leave your phones behind (or put them on do not disturb) you’ll be surprised at how much our phones take up from our attention and interactions with people. 

  1. Play “The and game” (couples edition) 

The and game” is filled with questions that you wouldn’t think about asking. You’ll find yourselves having great conversations together after these questions and maybe even some breakthroughs. You could also get the other versions of this game, its really good! 

  1. Put together a slideshow of your memories (bonus) 

This is more of a gift idea or an activity to do together.  You could spend the evening going through old picture books or albums. You can create a slideshow together or surprise them with a mashup of your memories. This is a great way to reminisce on your memories. 

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