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Going back to the Aughties

Early 2000s trends returning this soon was not what any of us expected, but here they are and with a modern Gen Z twist! The new hot style trends for Summer 2021 include all the aughties necessities like small shoulder bags, halter tops, butterfly clips, and even low-rise jeans.

If you want to stay on top of the Gen Z trends this summer, we’ve got you covered! Here are the different ways these styles have been incorporated into today’s fashion. 


All over Instagram and TikTok, influencers are showing off their outfits consisting of low-rise jeans and mini skirts paired with a baby tee or halter top. If you’re not super comfortable with low-rise jeans, you can always wear some high-rise ones instead as these are still on trend. Just make sure to pair it with an aughties looking top to keep with the early 2000’s aesthetic. 


If you just want to dip your toes into this trend then we would recommend trying out the 2000s inspired accessories that can be added to any outfit. Colorful beaded jewelry, beaded phone charms, and chunky rings are all the rage right now. These are a good way to add pops of color to any look. 

Also, picking up a prada-inspired shoulder bag and throwing on some platform shoes really adds nostalgia to the look. Oh and don’t forget the colorful sunglasses to bring it all together! 


Another way to add to the look is to style your hair with some inspo from early 2000s photos. Some hair trends that are resurfacing from this fun decade are crimped hair, mermaid waves, bubble pigtails, front piece braids, and tinsel extensions. However, the simplest way to be on trend is to just throw on some butterfly clips or twist your hair up into a big claw clip and you should be good to go! 


Last but not least we have some beauty trends making a comeback that will totally complete your early 2000s inspired look. The key for this makeup style is lots of glitter and lipgloss. Many brands are releasing roller ball and squeeze tube lip glosses just like the ones from back in the day as well as glitter gels to use on the face, body and hair. As for nails, colorful french tips and cute floral designs are popular again, so make sure to rock those with your outfit to finish it off. 

We love that these trends are coming back because they are so fun, colorful and very nostalgic. What early 2000s trend are you totally vibing with and which ones do you think should stay in the past?

Author: Taylor .S

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