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Starting a new year can make people want to refresh or even restart their wardrobe. New Year, new you as they say! This is a time for new beginnings, setting goals, fresh starts, and trying something different. So if you feel like reinventing your look for the new year, keep reading.

Out With the Old


Start by going through your current clothes and see what you can donate, repurpose, or even redesign if you want to get crafty! Then decide what the overall vibe of your new look will be (e.g. colorful, neutral, boho, athletic, chic or combination of a few, etc.).


You don’t have to completely change it up if you still like the looks from last year, especially because it isn’t always realistic to completely buy a whole new wardrobe every year. However, it may be a good idea to spice things up with new accessories, shoes, or even just creating new looks out of old clothes.


If you’ve had the same wardrobe for a while, and you’ve decided that you do want to buy all new stuff this year, start with getting pictures together of the kinds of clothes you want to get. It can be overwhelming to just go shopping with no idea in mind of what you’re looking for. Creating your own mood board or Pinterest board can be a fun way to get inspo and it can help you visualize the new style you’re going for.


In With the New


Lastly, the fun part, shopping! Start with getting the basics you’ll need, then work on finding fun pieces to match and accessories to add. This could look like buying five essential tops, a few different pants, a couple skirts or dresses, a couple pairs of new shoes, and some fun jewelry. This is a good start, then every time you go shopping after that, have your mood board in mind and continue building your collection onto the new base you have. With this new style, there could also be new makeup looks and hairdos you could try!


Remember that when creating your new style, you should stay true to yourself and choose things that you genuinely love. Try not to let society make you feel like you can’t wear something that you like. When you are wearing clothes that you feel good in, you’ll look amazing and people will feel your confident energy!


Make sure to take pictures of your new outfits and tag @utmsofficial on Instagram!


Author: Taylor Shamoon

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