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From basic to chic

Have you ever seen a model take a stroll in a super simple outfit like biker shorts and a graphic tee, yet they still look so chic? It all comes down to how they accessorize their outfit and style their hair. No need to commit to a bold or colorful outfit when you can make a statement through accessories.

If you want to look put together even in your comfiest clothes, then here are some accessorizing tips to help you go from basic to bougie.


The number one best way to elevate an outfit is to add lots of jewelry. It can turn any outfit into something more dressed up and chic. It’s also the perfect way to make a statement and add a bit of color to the look. We always recommend layering two or three necklaces in varying lengths and thicknesses. Also, throwing on some chunky gold hoops and trendy rings can make even a basic outfit stand out.

You can also add some subtle color into your jewelry by wearing a jewel toned necklace and ring like emerald or amethyst. This can pop against a neutral outfit or complement a color already in your clothing. The jewelry you choose can completely change the vibe of the look and even make the outfit look more expensive. Either way, making a statement with jewelry is sure to complete the outfit and maybe even get you some compliments!


The shoes you choose can also make a huge impact on the overall look of the outfit. If you want to elevate the outfit you can throw on some fancy flats or heels to boost the look. You can even slip on some nice sneakers for a more comfortable feel with a high fashion aesthetic. Shoes are also a great way to add a pop of color or complement existing colors in the clothing.


Not everyone has a huge collection of handbags, and that’s okay! All you need is a couple bags that are on trend and will go with your outfits. Thankfully handbag trends last way longer than other trends do, so you wont need to buy new ones all the time. Currently shoulder bags are what’s popular and it gives any look a high fashion feel. Throwing on a cute and classic looking shoulder bag will make you look like any other model walking the streets!

Hair & Makeup

Some hairstyles that would be super cute with this casual chic look would be a slicked back ponytail or hair twisted into a big claw clip. Also a low bun or a half up half down hairstyle would also complement this look. The key is for it to look effortless, so any type of casual hair look is the way to go!

As for makeup, you could totally go without it if you have put all these other tips together. Of course, however, a natural toned beat face always elevates any outfit, even sweatpants.

And lastly, pop on some sunglasses and maybe even an oversized blazer if it’s cold. Now you look casual chic just like all the super models do on their coffee runs!

Author: Taylor. S

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