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January is notorious for motivating people to work out and get active, but that motivation tends to run out real quick. This is because people usually set very unrealistic goals. If you’re someone who hasn’t gone to gym in months or years, don’t put pressure on yourself by trying to go everyday or forcing yourself to start with high intensity workouts.


Physical activity is a great goal to have this year and is a good form of self care. If you really want to keep going with it, without giving up, here are some tips and workouts to try.


Be Realistic 

Start by setting smaller goals to lead into your bigger goals. A realistic goal could be to start by taking walks around your neighborhood at least twice a week. Another goal could be to try doing weekly yoga or pilates. These can be done at home and are a great way to get your body moving without wearing yourself out too quickly. Then once you’ve consistently kept up with these, set the next goal which could be increasing the frequency from twice a week to three or four times a week. Also, make sure to give yourself grace and be forgiving. Anytime you are starting a new routine or habit, there are going to be slip ups or days where it is hard to be consistent, but that is totally okay. The harder you are on yourself about it, the more likely you’ll end up frustrated and wanting to give up.

Make It Fun 

Nobody is going to stick with something they don’t enjoy doing or that doesn’t make them feel good. So instead, make sure whatever physical activity you choose is one that you actually enjoy and that you would want to be part of your lifestyle long term. The first thing that comes to mind when people want to start working out is going to the gym and lifting weights. However, there are so many ways to be active, so if weight lifting isn’t your thing then go with something that peaks your interest.


Here is a list of examples for different activities to do to get you up and moving: 

+ Pilates

+ Yoga

+ Swimming

+ Recreational Sports

+ Walking

+ Running

+ Hiking

+ Dancing

+ Zumba

+ Cycling

+ Roller Skating

+ Workout Video Games (Just Dance, Wii Sports, etc.)

Also, remember that you don’t have to stick with one thing. If today you’re in the mood for yoga, but the next week you’re in the mood for hiking that is totally okay. Go with the activity you’ll enjoy most that day because that’s how you’ll have the most fun! It could also be fun to bring a friend along with you, just don’t rely too much on them to meet your goals. Sometimes people will give up because their workout buddy stops trying. Set the goals for you, and continue them for you!


Do It For Your Body & Mind


Lastly, we recommend that you don’t obsess over the number on the scale or how you look. Many times people set their workout goals with the idea of losing weight, especially in a really short amount of time, rather than just doing it for their own well being. The problem with doing this is that you’ll end up setting more difficult goals that you might not stick with as well as worsening your mental health if you don’t see the results you’re looking for in the unrealistic time frame that has been set. Instead, set these goals to make you feel good, to have fun, and to improve your overall health. Over time you’ll notice a huge difference and it will show in how you carry yourself. Keep a lookout on the UTMS Instagram and website for different beginner workout routines coming soon!

Author: Taylor Shamoon


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