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Important Summer Skincare Ingredients

As you may know, while the seasons change we may need to make some minor adjustments to our skincare routine. Incorporating new products as needed will keep your skin looking its best. Here are some important ingredients to look for when shopping for skincare this summer!


The most important skincare item EVER is sunscreen! This is the key to slowing down aging/dark spots and aiding in preventing skin cancer. SPF can be found in moisturizers, makeup products, and of course in sunscreen lotions. It is recommended to go no lower than SPF 30. The best choice is a physical blocker SPF 50, this gives you amazing protection blocking UVA and UVB rays. Since they create a physical barrier on your skin there’s a lower risk of irritation. Trust us and skin professionals when we say use SPF, you’ll be thanking us in the future! 

Vitamin C 

An ingredient that should be in everyone’s skincare routine is Vitamin C. This ingredient is full of antioxidants and has amazing benefits like antiaging and brightening. Most importantly it can actually improve the efficacy of sunscreen, so make sure you are using it in the morning too. If you want your skin to be youthful and glowy, get you a serum with Vitamin C ASAP! 

Of course, not all products can be used together or after specific chemicals, so always be sure to read your labels before applying anything to your skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid (best for humid climates)

A super popular ingredient that you can see in almost all skincare products is Hyaluronic Acid. We naturally produce it in our bodies and it holds on to lots of moisture within our skin. It is amazing if you live in a humid environment as it will pull the moisture from the hot summer air and into your skin keeping your skin hydrated and plump. 

However be careful if you live in a dry environment because it can pull the moisture out of your skin since there isn’t enough moisture in the air. In this case, you should apply hyaluronic acid in a steamy bathroom after a shower or with a humidifier. Also make sure to use it in conjunction with other hydrating products and seal it in with a good moisturizer! 

Ceramides (best for dry climates)

Another great ingredient for hydration are ceramides. This is amazing for the summer if you live in dry climates. Just like hyaluronic acid, we naturally produce ceramides in our body as well, but this production lessens with age. What makes this ingredient so great is that it protects and preserves the moisture barrier in our skin which helps prevent moisture loss caused by dry skin and weather. It can even help soothe eczema, psoriasis, and any skin irritations. If your summer heat is a dry one or if you just need some extra hydration then grab a cleanser, serum, and/or moisturizer that has ceramides in it to seal in the moisture and keep your skin supple!

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Author: Taylor.S

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