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Our friends play such an important role in our lives. They’re our support system and the people we go to when we want to vent, laugh, cry, gossip, share secrets, and have a good time. Sadly, we can get so caught up with our busy lives that we don’t always have the time to hang out with our besties. Putting in a little extra effort here and there will help you maintain a long lasting healthy friendship.

Ways to Show You Care

The simplest way to show your friends that you still care is to shoot them a text every now and then to check in on them. Even if you don’t have time for long conversations or to meet up, you can still just send them a message that lets them know that you’re thinking of them or that you want to know how they are doing. If you have some time to spare you can even give them a call.

Another way would be to try and plan for days to hang out and do things together that you both enjoy. Sometimes we get very busy and our schedules don’t always align with our friends, but it’s good to try your best to pick a day that you can designate to hang out in person and catch up. You could go shopping, go out to eat, have a picnic, or even just have a chill night in! It could also be really nice to plan something that you know they would really love to do. If you’re both super busy studying or working try going to a cute coffee shop. This way you can see each other during the week, while still doing what you gotta do.

If the friendship is long distance, you could plan Facetime calls and do things together virtually. You could paint, eat food, or even play a game over video chat. You can even watch a movie virtually these days as most streaming services offer group watch features. Planning days to do these things shows them you care and it allows you and your friends to not let your relationship fade away.

Know Your Friends

It helps to know your friends’ love languages, the kind of things they are interested in, and the struggles they are going through. If your friend loves movies and you know they like quality time, maybe reach out and tell them you’re down for having a movie night. If your friend is going through a hard time and they need physical comfort, then maybe they just need a good hug and someone to vent to. Taking the time to listen to your friends and their needs will really strengthen your friendship. Check out our Love Languages article to learn more about this!

Why Don’t ey Reach Out?

Of course, friendship maintenance should go both ways. Your friends should take the time to show they care about you as well. If you notice that they haven’t reached out to you and that they’ve been distant lately there could be something going on with them. Try to see if they are going through a hard time and show your support.

However, if they are constantly showing little interest in the friendship and don’t reciprocate the appreciation, then maybe it’s time to distance yourself from them. Use your time and energy to maintain healthy relationships with people who care instead of maintaining one sided or possibly toxic relationships.

Mental Health Struggles

We understand that struggling with mental health can mean extra difficulty with maintaining friendships and reaching out to people. Don’t be hard on yourself. It is okay to prioritize your mental health instead of stressing about what others may think about you being distant. Your friends should understand and should be reaching out as well. Whenever you feel ready, it might help to open up to your friends about this so that you have a good support system by your side in times of need.

Author: Taylor Shamoon

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