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New Moon Ritual- Today is a great day for spiritual practice, purification, making plans for the upcoming month. Practice rituals for a powerful energy charge that will help to accumulate your own strength for future endeavors.

Setting up your ritual- Grab your favorite props: candles, music, crystals, and spiritual tools to help aid you in visualizing what you are seeking.


++ Cleanse/ clean your house

++ Write down your plans and intentions for the month

++ Visualize what you want and hang it on your wall or create a collage

and save it as your screensaver. Write it in your fav journal.

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++ Write one desire on a piece of paper, wrap it up, recite it out loud and ask the Universe for help. Hide it and then burn it when it comes true. 

++ Put water on the windowsill the night of a full moon and the next morning pour the water on yourself from head to toe. – It is believed that this ritual charges you with vital force.

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Harmonize the rhythm of your life with the natural cycle of the lunar phases. Each moon phase brings with it unique magical energy that exerts its pull on our mind and body. Use the changing celestial energy and potential for transformation of each phase to nourish your body and soul, and grow in mindfulness, awareness and gratitude, as the light of the moon grows. – Moon Magic Planner 

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