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Oscars 22′ Middle Eastern/ North African Submissions

The 2022 Academy Awards (Oscars) are coming up on March 27th. There were some good submissions but none of the middle eastern films were nominated. The Iranian film “A Hero” came close by being shortlisted. As explained on the Oscars official website, “A category’s shortlist is not the same as its list of nominees, as one more cut will be made to round out the list of nominations.” So we gathered all Middle Eastern/ Arab films that were submitted for the 2022 Oscars. 

It is extremely important to support the arts in the Middle East, and shed light to the amazing filmmakers. We live in a time where representation for the MENA community is very low. When we do find ourselves in films it is hard to break away from the westernized stereotypes of what we look like and who we are. We are much more than war and headscarves. It is up to us to take steps towards change.

AlgeriaHeliopolis ( not nominated) 

Armenia– Should the wind Drop (not nominated) 

Egypt- Souad (not nominated) 

Iran- A Hero (made shortlist) 

Iraq- Europa (not nominated) 

Jordan- Amira (withdrawn) 

Lebanon- Costa Brava, Lebanon (not nominated) 

Morocco- Casablanca Beats (not nominated) 

Palestine- The Stranger (not nominated) 

Saudi Arabia- The Tambour Of Retribution (not nominated) 

Tunisia- Golden Butterfly (not nominated) 

Turkey- Commitment Hasan (not nominated) 

We hope you enjoy these films, let us know which one is your favorite! You can tag us on IG @utmsofficial

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