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It is a habit to just give up and scrub it when we have to run out the door, but there are ways to make us look like we took our time to get ready even when we didn’t. The key is to just cut down time anywhere you can.

No-Makeup Makeup

We don’t have time for a full glam look, so we can instead enhance our best features quickly. First step, wash your face and pack on the moisturizer. You can even use a dewy primer on top. Getting your skin to glow will make it look like you had hours in the morning to fully wake up and refresh.

These next steps are optional, but you can use a tinted brow gel to shape and lightly fill in the brows. This will add shape and dimension to your face. Lastly, if you have the time, use a cream blush to liven up the face and add color to the lips. Of course, everyone has their own personal preferences with makeup, so you can swap any steps you’d like. Just make sure you have a solid five-minutes-or-less makeup routine down.

The New Messy Bun

You can’t go wrong with slicking back your hair into a chic low bun, a ponytail, or into a big claw clip. This has been everyone’s go to hairstyle and it gives a very effortless look. What’s great about it is that it works great with both freshly washed and unwashed hair.

No Time for Experimenting

You don’t have time for fifty outfit changes, so if you have little time then stick with what you know will work. Biker shorts and yoga pants are your best friend when you need to head out asap. They can be paired with so many different tops like an oversized tee, a tank top, a baby tee, or even just a sports bra. It’s simple, quick, and can be worn with pretty much any shoes you want.

Finishing Touches, en Run!

With all the time you saved in the other steps, you should have a few seconds remaining to slap on your nearest hoops and splash on some perfume. Oh, and don’t forget your bag. Now you’re all set!

P.S. Always make sure to keep a little bag in your purse with all your on the go necessities like travel perfume, lip gloss, mini deodorant, etc. This helps in case you missed any steps at home or if you need touch ups!

Author: Taylor Shamoon 

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