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Did you know that the average clothing size for women is a size 16? Sadly, finding this size in most stores is nearly impossible! 


In the fashion world, clothes are typically made to fit those who are very slim. Fashion has a history of not being inclusive and many stores don’t even sell clothing bigger than a size 10. This can be so frustrating for many of us who like fashion, but cannot find the clothes we want to wear. 


Many brands that do have a plus size section tend to only have a select amount of items and those items typically aren’t trendy. This is a major problem that the fashion industry needs to work on as it excludes so many people, especially people of color who come in all shapes and sizes. 


We want size inclusivity to be the norm, so we put together a list of stores that carry larger sizes to help you out when trying to shop in store or online. The more love you give to size inclusive clothing brands, the more attention size inclusivity will get and other brands will start to listen! 


American Eagle + Aerie 


This is one of the best brands for size inclusive jeans and swimsuits. In fact, they don’t have a separate plus size section since all of their clothing comes in a wide range of sizes. Their jeans come in size 000-24 and even accommodate for height by selling them in x-short, short, regular, long, and x-long. Also, they carry a variety of jean styles to accommodate people of all different body shapes as well as sizes. AE is definitely UTMS approved, and is totally worth checking out. 




A department store is a good place to go to when shopping for larger sizes because they carry so many different brands. For example, Good American is a brand sold at Nordstrom that is also amazing for finding plus size jeans and their sizing ranges from 00-24. Overall, Nordstrom’s goal has been to provide more inclusive clothing, so check them out the next time you go shopping! 




Another store whose goal is to provide inclusive clothing is Target and they have been doing pretty well so far. They carry brands like Wild Fable and Universal Thread which are stylish brands that have a variety of size options. We are all constantly making Target runs anyway, so take a look on your next trip to see if they have your size. 




This brand is specifically meant for the curvy gal as their sizes range from 10 to 30. They have all kinds of clothing styles and good quality jeans available online and in store. Definitely check them out if they carry your size for all your clothing basics. 




We all know about this popular and trendy store. They’re the hookup for anything from trendy/stylish to professional. H&M already sells some clothing items up to a size XXL, but now they have expanded and added a plus size section to their website. You can find sizes up to 4XL in their H&M+ section. They offer a good amount of items under this section and hopefully they will continue to expand it further.




This brand is an online store that keeps up with all the newest trends. They typically carry sizes 0-10 or XS-L; however, they also have a clothing line called ASOS Curve which carries sizes 12-26. In addition to this, they have plus size jewelry as well, but their sizing for this can be a little bit confusing so keep that in mind! 


Nasty Gal


Another super trendy online clothing store is Nasty Gal. This brand is very similar to ASOS as they both carry the latest trends at a super affordable price. The sizing for this brand also ranges from a 0-10 or XS-L, and their plus size section ranges from size 12-24. If you’re looking to stay on top of trends in clothing, shoes, and accessories then check them out! 


Fashion Nova


Last but not least, we have the infamous Fashion Nova. This brand’s plus size section is one of the larger ones we’ve seen for a fast fashion online store. Their regular clothing section only carries a size S-L, but their Curve section has sizes ranging from XS-3XL. The quality of their clothing can be a hit or miss, but they offer lots of styles and they are inexpensive so it might be worth it to check them out as well.

Of course, there is still much work to be done in the world of inclusive fashion. Even these brands mentioned could improve their sizing further, but it’s a start. We just hope this helped bring more attention to the issue and give anyone who needs it some good clothing recommendations. 


Here at UTMS we try to encourage alternative brands in order to minimize the consumption of fast fashion. However, convenience kicks in every now and again so we like to provide you with an array of options. Please be mindful and reuse or recycle your clothes so we can keep our beautiful earth clean.


What are your favorite size inclusive stores that you think we should support?


Author: Taylor Shamoon

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