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Confidence is not trying to convince yourself that you have no insecurities or flaws. It is knowing your self-worth and knowing you deserve to be happy and desired. A lot of articles, blog posts, and even videos will claim to help confidence by losing weight, getting a big butt, or adding Botox and while this can help, here are a few tips on building your confidence from within without changing yourself.


Focus on gratitude


Find the things about yourself that you love instead of focusing on what you don’t. Find the people who make you feel loved and beautiful instead of focusing on the people who feed into the negativity. Once you start focusing on the love you feel, you will attract more love. The Art of manifesting.


Be true to who you are

It’s easy to try to convince yourself that a certain kind of person gets more attention so you try to become someone else. Don’t. It’s not you. When you are trying to be someone you are not, every cell in your body resists and it shows. Be who you are.


Just do it 

While Nike started using this phrase as their logo in the 80s, it is just as relevant in everyday life. People who are confident do not let things embarrass them. And if they are embarrassed they don’t let it stop them. You want to take a photo in a certain place? Just do it. Who cares who is watching. You feel confident singing and want to record it? Just do it. Confidence is allowing yourself to be vulnerable.



Author: Maya Rafeh 

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