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We love a good theme so we decided to pair up two lipsticks that go perfectly with your zodiac sign. Click and shop your fav lipsticks.

Aries- Fire sign: First of the zodiac signs, natural born leader, fearless, dynamic energy. Often the most exciting among family members. They’re very driven and will work hard for what they want- and often get just that. A bold red lip is perfect for this bold sign!

Taurus- Earth sign: Faithful and patient, they can be shy and withdrawn despite coming off as confident. Nice dark neutral color is perfect for Taureans.

Gemini- Air sign: Quick witted- smart, usually the center of attention, determined and always looking for the next great opportunity. A shiny but subtle pink and classic gloss with extra shine Is perfect for Geminis.

Cancer- Water sign: The moon child, home-loving and feels at peace in their “shell” the most generous and protective towards their loved ones. Sweet, simple, classic- these two pic shades are perfect for cancers.

Leo- Fire sign: Creative and ambitious, they love being the center of attention, loyal, and courageous. The most fitting color is of course a bold gold and loud lip for our Leos.

Virgo- Earth sign: Sensitive, they tend to hide their emotions so they may come off cold, but they’re warm and gushy on the inside it just gets lost in their “practical” and “logical” approach to life. A neutral dark classic color is perfect for our Virgos.

Libra- Air sign: Charming, love of beauty and very kind. One of the most empathetic signs. These peace makers are always providing balance and harmony around them. These beautiful pink tones reflect their classy and subtle personalities.

Scorpio- Water sign: Extremely passionate, this sign tends to get a bad rep… but with balance and focus this sign can lead to a lot of success. This fierce sign deserves a bold lip to highlight their beautiful bold personalities.

Sagittarius- Fire sign: These restless perfectionists love to explore. They tend to be hard on themselves, but when they learn not to take themselves too seriously their natural intuition will lead them to success and happiness. This curious sign goes so well with a beautiful berry pink lip.

Capricorn- Earth sign: Stable and serious, this sign tends to be extremely hard on themselves. They strive under structure and order. Traditional, down-to-earth, and low key this classic lip is perfect for capricorns.

Aquarius- Air sign: Strong and dominant personality, very forgiving (if they choose to be) This sign tends to fear vulnerability, and may be hard to truly get behind that wall- But once you do you have a lifelong friend. Bold and professional lip for the many sides of this sign.

Pisces- Water sign: Sensitive, intuitive, empathetic this sign sure knows how to listen. Their sign symbolizes the duality in their personalities. They can be kind, compassionate, sensitive, and understanding. At the same time they like to keep their emotions to themselves. These soft and colorful lipsticks are perfect for our little fishy friends.

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