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Before I (temporarily) went vegan I was in denial that milk was destroying my stomach and thought the pain and discomfort was “normal.” Over the years I have tried many brands and I put together a list of my favorite milk alternatives for you. I used to substitute almond milk for my coffee because often it was easily accessible, but I found it to be really watery and unenjoyable half the time. When I discovered oat milk it changed my life, because I LOVE COFFEE! Soy milk is just as good because it has a lot of body and holds well as a creamy alternative to milk but I try to avoid consuming too much soy. When it comes to cooking I haven’t really experimented much with different vegan milk alternatives, but I have made a lot of curries and recipes that originally call for coconut milk. The ripple chocolate milk is really good its kind of like a treat. I like it by itself or as a base for chia seed pudding. I’m going to be honest I really do not like the califia farms coconut almond milk, but my husband and many others love it so I wanted to add it to the list and give you more options. Their original almond milk is my go-to and I always have a bottle (or two) in the refrigerator for cereal or protein shakes. I always encourage people to try vegan milk alternatives and incorporate them in their diet.

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