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Working from home definitely has its perks, but it does have some challenges too. It can be hard to stay focused and motivated which makes it feel almost impossible to get work done. Over time, it also becomes difficult to separate work life with home life and each day can start to feel very monotonous. 

Thankfully, we’ve learned some tricks along the way that make those challenges a bit easier. These tips will hopefully help you regain some of that motivation and focus when doing work from home! 

Break Time

Our attention spans have gotten increasingly shorter over this past year, so we tend to mentally check out pretty often. One way to help is to take the frequent breaks that we need so we don’t burnout. If you feel like you just can’t write another email, then don’t. Stop what you’re doing and take a minute or two to take some deep breaths, go on your phone, eat some food, or whatever it is that will ground you for a bit. Then after you’ve collected yourself and given your mind a mental rest, come back to it and try again! 

Keep doing this throughout your work time and it will help a whole lot. Don’t feel bad about it, even if you have to do this a hundred times. It may seem like taking breaks would mean less work done, but it’s actually way more productive. When we don’t take breaks we just end up wasting time fighting ourselves to stay focused while continually getting more and more frustrated and burnt out. Take all the breaks you need because in the end you’ll feel better, get more work done, and the quality of your work will most likely be better too. 

You Need A Separate Space

Don’t do work in bed. We know it’s comfortable and relaxing, but that’s the problem. It’s too relaxing and may cause you to get distracted easier, doze off, or lose motivation altogether. Over time you might even start to associate your bed with work or work with sleep. It is best to find a space in your home that is designated for work hours. It could be a home office, a desk in your room, the dining table, or anywhere that you can go to that will put you in the working mindset. 

Clock in & Clock Out

Some jobs may require you to clock in and clock out, but if they don’t then you must set times to do this for yourself. Designate certain hours of the day that you’ll be most productive and only work within those hours. Once time is up, stop working for the day. If you let work hours bleed into leisure time then it’ll become hard to separate work life and home life. You’ll start to feel like you always need to be working or, vice versa, that you can’t find time to work. 

Of course if by some chance you are struck with motivation to work during off hours, then by all means go for it. However, we would still recommend setting up a time to stop to keep yourself in a structured routine. And most importantly, don’t let work time go into sleep time! You need the rest, so don’t work through the night and just let the work be tomorrow’s problem. 

Work From Somewhere Else 

Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you have to work from home. What we mean is that, if you can, you should take your work into a new environment to switch things up some days. Doing everything in your house every single day can get very boring and give us a bit of cabin fever. Whenever you can, pick a new place to go do work for the day. You can go to a coffee shop, a bookstore, a library, or even a park if the weather is nice. Make sure to get a bag ready with all your work necessities, a bottle of water, and some snacks and then head out the door! Who knows, maybe this new environment will spark some motivation or creativity and help you get some stuff crossed off your to do list.

We know everyone works and functions differently, so these tips may not work for everybody. However, hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to make working from home work better for you! 

Author- Taylor Shamoon

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